Personal Independence Payment

Are you suffering from are illness or disability and you are under the state pension age?

The Personal Independence Payment can help you. The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is extra money to aid you with your everyday life if you have a long-term illness, disability or a mental health condition.

Are you eligible to claim PIP?

  • You must be under the state pension age. If you claim PIP before your state pension age you can continue to receive it after too.
  • PIP is not based of your national insurance contributions; this means it doesn’t matter how much income or savings you may have.
  • If you are over the state pension age and have not yet claimed PIP, you should claim Attendance Allowance as an alternative.


What are the benefits of claiming PIP?

If you have a long-term illness or a disability it can affect your life and your income. Having PIP can help you pay for things that you need or want. You can spend your PIP on whatever you want.


What is the amount you can claim?

The amount you can get depends on the level of difficulty you have to do everyday tasks.

You may be able to claim one or both components.


Daily living component

  • Standard £58.70/per week
  • Enhanced  £87.65/per week

Mobility component

  • Standard £23.20/per week
  • Enhanced £61.20/per week

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