Our Brand Story

If you plotted out every heartbeat over the course of your existence, you would have created the timeline of your life.

A series of peaks and troughs only you can decipher, that tell the story of what it was like to be you. At Pineshield we offer targeted care for those that need support at any stage during their unique story.

It goes without saying that every life is worth living – but we’re proud to say that our support workers go one step further. They decide to live a life dedicated to improving the quality of life for others.

That’s why we only select applicants that are committed to the highest standards of industry training. We instil the knowledge, but it’s the individual that brings the passion. If you already have that passion, a place on our team could be the calling you’ve been looking for.

We need many things to sustain our lives, but in order to live a life worth living for, all we need is one personal connection with another human being that cares for us. Our care workers are trained to be that ‘one person’ when our patients need them the most.

That’s why Pineshield is the one company in South Wales that can provide the dynamic and durable support structure, as well as the levels of compassion and human interaction that you or your loved ones will need at some point along your story.

Let’s be honest, to care for someone is more than simply a job.

A Pineshield carer is an intrinsic asset and a source of comfort in their community. That’s why we believe in being an employer with heart. Our carers look after the most vulnerable in society, and we look after them.

Pineshield: The power to live life your way