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Pineshield Health and Social Care - FAQs

About Care

What is domicilliary care?

What's a social care worker?

What type of care do you provide?

About Me

Do I need to be able to drive to do this job?

Do you offer company cars/pool cars for staff to use?

Will I need business class insurance for my car and if so, why?

Do I need to do a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check and if, so who pays for it?

About Pineshield

How much do you pay and do you pay travel time?

Do you offer guaranteed hours/contracts?

Do you offer shifts?

What times are your first and last calls of the day?

What training do you offer and do you get paid for it?

What about career progression with Pineshield?

What support would I get as a social care worker?

How Can We Help?

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Working out what kind of support you or a loved one needs can be confusing. Pineshield has a team of specialists on hand to help you live life the way you want with the right support where and when you need it.

Get advice

Call us for a confidential chat about your requirements or to arrange for a home visit by a team member to discuss how we can help.


Thank you for attending my late mother for the last 4 – 5 months of her life . . . all the girls were wonderful. I couldn’t have coped without you all.

Your standards are excellent so keep up the good work.

Mrs JB, Cardiff