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Welcome to Pineshield Care. If you’re looking to build a career in social care or whether you are an experienced social care worker seeking a new challenge, this page of the website has information about the job opportunities available at Pineshield.

More and more people need support to live the life they choose in comfort and safety. Our team of dedicated staff are there to provide the tailored support that each one of our customers requires. Working with vulnerable people, whether they’re elderly, have a physical or learning disability or mental health issues, can be challenging but it’s also very satisfying to make a real difference to someone. As a social care worker, you’re an important part of our customers’ and their families lives which requires mutual trust and commitment.

A career in social care is not for everyone - it takes a particular kind of person to work in an environment where no two days are the same and often involve unsociable hours. Our staff aren’t just dedicated to providing great care, they are committed, professional and extremely hard working. We want to help our staff build careers with us and we always look to promote from within the company where appropriate. We have numerous examples where individuals, supported by training and mentoring, have been promoted into new roles that progress their careers. So, if you’re committed to a career with us, your very first job could lead you to many different roles in social care that build your skills and experience.

Our Cardiff Community

We’ve been a part of the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan community for over 15 years and strongly believe in supporting it whenever we can. We’re a proud supporter of the Alzheimer’s Society, hosting a cupcake day to raise funds for their excellent work. And our annual coffee morning in support of the Macmillan Cancer ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ is not only an opportunity to support this tremendous organisation but a chance for our staff to have a well-deserved break and indulge their sweet tooth.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become a member of our great social care team, find out more about the roles available.

Social Care Worker

As a social care worker, you will have the opportunity to transform people’s lives by providing essential care and support that enables them to live the life they choose in comfort, safely and with dignity. If you are looking for a role that makes a real difference to a vulnerable person then social care could be the right career for you.

Our homes are places of safety and security. Opening our homes to people we don’t know when we are at our most vulnerable takes a tremendous amount of courage and trust. You are in the unique position of entering the homes of people from all walks of life and have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and their families based on trust and reliability.

Our customers have a wide range of needs and, like you, have good days and bad days. You will need patience, empathy and good listening skills to support them in living the life they choose. Some aspects of being a social care worker are physically and emotionally demanding so you will also need to be energetic, resilient and reliable. Occasionally, you may find yourself in a difficult situation with a customer so the ability to remain calm and think clearly whilst ensuring the safety of the customer is paramount.

As a social care worker, you are a fundamental part of our person-centred care and support services. We will provide all the training you require to start your career in social care and offer specialist training if there are areas in which you would like to specialise e.g. child health and disabilities, dementia or Alzheimers. Being a social care worker carries a lot of responsibility. We offer practical field-based support and supervision to help you do your job to the best of your ability. If you’re looking for a more rewarding career than the 9-5 or are an experienced social care worker looking for a new challenge, becoming a social care worker with Pineshield could be just the thing you’re looking for! ​

​Contact us ​on or call us on 029 2023 6969 to find out more.

Senior Social Care Worker

As your social care skills develop, you can progress to becoming a senior social care worker where you’ll take on more responsibility. As a senior social care worker you will become involved in the initial training of new social care workers, supervising them in the field and ensuring that all care records are always up to date. You will also get involved in reviewing care packages under the supervision of the Field Care Supervisor and work with the care coordinator to instigate any changes to the customer’s care package.

We will provide the appropriate training to enable you to take this step up and, to reflect these additional responsibilities, a QCF Level 3 (or working towards) is required. This role is an excellent introduction to care management so if you’re interested in developing your leadership skills.

Contact us ​on or call us on 029 2023 6969 to find out more.

Care Coordinator

The care co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that our social care staff are in the right place at the right time with the right customer. It’s been described as making the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit without the aid of a picture! If you’re a problem solver and can stay calm under pressure, a career in care co-ordination might be the right role for you.

The care coordinator is responsible for the continuity of support for all our customers and having a regular and reliable team of support workers is essential to their well-being. Together with the Field Care Supervisors, the care co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that each customer has a team of support workers who understand their needs and who have the necessary skills to fulfil them.

This is a pivotal role within the company where the ability to problem solve and remain calm under pressure is essential. This role requires excellent organisational, IT and communication skills to make sure that our customers receive the best support to meet their needs. This includes:

  • Matching the support worker with the appropriate skills and experience to the needs of the customer
  • Building support worker rosters that minimise disruption to the customer’s service and travel time between customer visits
  • Calmly and efficiently managing the day to day changes of customer support packages

Excellent communication skills and a sensitive telephone manner are also essential as often, the care co-ordinator will need to answer questions from a customer. As a communication channel between the customer and the support worker, the ability to manage customer queries with diplomacy and sensitivity is crucial.

Building strong relationships with our team of social care workers is extremely important as there will be times when the co-ordinator will need to call on them for extra cover to ensure a consistent, high quality service. Our social care workers provide support outside of normal working hours, often on the weekend and in the evenings, so the care co-ordinator will be a key member of the on-call team.

The care co-ordinator role offers an alternative but rewarding career path in social care.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the role, ​contact us ​on or call us on 029 2023 6969 to find out more

Field Care Supervisor

The Pineshield Field Care Supervisor (FCS) is often the first person our new customers meet. Their experience in social care and ability to analyse the needs of each customer enables our support teams to deliver the highest quality person centred care in a safe environment. If mentoring, staff guidance and building strong customer relationships inspires you, then becoming a Field Care Supervisor with Pineshield could be your next best career move.

Our customers’ health and well-being is at the heart of everything we do and the FCS is central to helping them enjoy the kind of lives they choose with dignity and independence. The ability to understand their needs, identify how to meet those needs and a track record of excellent social care practice are the keystones of the FCS role.

The FCS is responsible for visiting each new customer (and families where requested) to discuss their needs, create a tailored support plan and work with the care co-ordinator to assign and introduce the support staff with the appropriate skills, experience and attributes to meet their care needs. Building a strong, ongoing relationship with the customer and their wider network of healthcare professionals requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

As a team leader, the FCS is responsible for the supervision, support and mentoring of support workers. The FCS leads by example by monitoring staff performance and identifying and improving poor practice, so for this role a QCF Level 3 (or working towards) is required. As the FCS is on the front line of our service delivery, a self-assured, diplomatic approach is essential to competently manage challenging situations.

As a member of the on-call team the FCS will need to work flexibly to accommodate the requirements of our customers which may involve working on weekends and out of hours. If this role sounds like the challenge you’re looking for!

Contact us ​on or call us on 029 2023 6969 to find out more.

Social Care Worker Job Description and Person Specification

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